ABHISEK – a Children Have Hope student

July 19th, 2017

ABHISEKAbhisek was born in a small village in upper Bagdogra. His father is working as a temporary labourer in a tea garden and earns little for the livelihood of the family. There are four members in the family and hence it becomes very difficult for Abhishek’s father to support all of them.  He has been able to feed them, but he cannot provide them education. Sometimes it was difficult for them to have good food as it is a temporary work and sometimes there are no works in the gardens. Abhisek had not been going to school but spent his time playing in the roads of his village.

Seeing the need of the family and the children not going to school the C.H.H. team has extended their help to Abhisek to go to School. He at present is studying in Class five in High School. The C.H.H team has been able to help him by doing the admissions, paying his tuition fees and providing stationery, uniform and other basic needs.


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